Celebrate Homeschool Freedom Day!

Posted on August 7, 2012

On the first day of public school in our town, we celebrate Homeschool Freedom Day (a term I coined years ago). Whether or not our homeschool year has started, we DON’T have lessons that day. Instead, we celebrate, usually by going to the park for a picnic with homeschooling friends . . . just because we can!

We revel in the freedom and flexibility that homeschooling makes possible. (The generally smaller crowd at the park when government school is in session is a nice bonus.)

This year we made only a short trip to the park—having a picnic in 93% humidity just wasn’t that appealing—so we enjoyed lunch in the air-conditioned comfort of our favorite Mexican restaurant, Mi Pueblo. Fajitas, fun, and freedom!

[They really were having fun…until I pulled out the camera.]

I’d love to hear how your family celebrates Homeschool Freedom Day! And if you like the idea but school has already started where you live, just pick a day . . . any day . . . to celebrate your freedom. The Specific Holiday Date Enforcement Squad will never know.


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