I’m a lifelong bibliophile.

I simply LOVE books. I love reading books, writing books, editing books, buying books, collecting books, organizing books, sharing books, discussing books, recommending books. I even love the smell of books!

I know I’m not alone. You love all these things too, don’t you?

On Eclectic Bibliophile, I’ll be sharing what I’m reading and recommending my favorite books. I’ll also talk about how to encourage children to love books, how to find worthy books, and how to incorporate them into your family’s life and education.

We’ll cover everything from Goodnight, Moon to Homer’s Odyssey.

I want to hear from you! I welcome your comments, discussion, opinions, and suggestions. Let’s make this a real two-way conversation, just as if we were in front of the fireplace enjoying a steaming mug of hot chocolate together.

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